Department of Mathematics


Hikmet Burak Özcan

2016 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2016 Graduate

Being an cademician and studying mathematics weren't in my university dreams.  Because, math was just a difficult puzzle with certain rules for me. But, As I learned how real math was and based on a basic logic, I realized that I had chosen the right career by chance. I'm talking about proof, problem solving, understanding a difficult theorem, but really understanding it with everything, it started to give me pleasure that I had not tasted before. A very painful process. Understanding something really hurts people. However, that feeling when you say I understand is invaluable. After these experiences, I decided that I wanted to be an academician. I finished the Mathematics Department of Izmir University of Economics, which I started in 2011, in 2016 as the top student. In this process, I had valuable teachers who shared their academic experience. When I finished the 2nd year, I went to Perugia University Mathematics Department in Italy with the Erasmus Internship Mobility program. I worked there with prof.dr.Osvaldo Gervasi for three months. After this experience, my desire to continue my career as an academic strengthened. After my graduation, I got accepted to the Postgraduate Mathematics Program at Dokuz Eylül University. I continue my master's degree in number theory and algebra.  In 2019, I was appointed as a research assistant to the Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics.


Damla Benli

2016 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2016 Graduate

I remember the times when I was a senior in high school, I was lecturing and solving questions for my friends before mathematics exams. I was good with numbers ever since I was a child. Because of this, the preference ranking that I will make during the preference period was clear to me. It was a pleasure to deal with numbers, equations, and unknowns.
As the university choice in 2011, Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics was one of my first choices, I was sure I would study there. When I was choosing which department I would study , I did not know the presence of their  equipped academics. When I went to the department after my preparatory education, I saw that academics are very good in their field. I wanted to use my preference for making students love mathematics, my goal is always to teach something and to break the bias ‘’mathematics is diffucult’’. That's why I chose to be a mathematics teacher at secondary level.When I was final year undergraduate student, I also completed my Pedagogical Formation education at Dokuz Eylül University. In 2016, when I graduated, I immediately started work at a private school. I am now my 4th year in my profession and also assistant manager in the institution where I work. I saw the benefits of the elective courses that I took in my undergraduate education when I started my business life. In 2013, I also enrolled in Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration and received my business diploma at the end of 4 years.When I look back, it is good to say that I went to Izmir University of Economics and I thank all the lecturers who contributed to us.


Murat Yaşar

2016 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2016 Graduate

Hello everybody,

I’m Murat.  The first time I evaluated İzmir University of Economics and I want to share with you all the cornerstones in my 4 years after graduation.

Actually, I never thought of studying Mathematics even after taking the university entrance exam. It all started one day when my mother wanted to introduce me to a professor and she had been cleaning their house for years. After the exam, before the preference period, one summer day, we went to prof.dr.Murat Adıvar and his wife Burcu Adıvar's house in Narlıdere with my mother. I met with prof.dr.Murat Adıvar for the first day  on that day.  While I had only civil engineering faculties in mind, prof.dr.Murat Adıvar informed me in detail about Izmir University of Economics and especially the Department of Mathematics. He even jumped into his car and walked around the university, talking about how global the education program is in the department of mathematics. Perhaps most importantly, he had long explained that mathematics is a 'golden bracelet'. I was very impressed to hear that mathematics added a fascinating vision in a milestone decision in which many young people like me discovered their passion in their country, and that they were not sure exactly what their dream job was. When I returned home that day, I had placed the Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics (Full Scholarship) on the first place. I also placed Civil Engineering faculties in other places, of course;  leave the decision to life for a little.

When the results were announced, my first choice was positive. My family were the happiest because of the scholarship and because I am going to a university in a central location in Izmir. In the first year, I didn’t know English very well. In the preparatory class, I took all the prizes and first places. I learned English from high quality teachers that is one of my golden bracelet’s in my career. In other years of the university, my horizons widened day by day with courses from a wide range of branches in the department of mathematics and as prof.dr.Murat  advised us in his lessons, I had won the notion of 'mathematical thinking' that would affect my thoughts and decisions throughout my life.

In the last years of the university, the vision that added to me by these various branches became my passion and and I started to attend the courses in computer and software engineering departments by asking permission to the academicians.
I started to think that software will have a very important place in the world of today and tomorrow. Even in my projects in the department of mathematics, I was doing my projects by blending them with software and mobile applications. At this point, I would like to mention the contributions of one of my favorite academics prof. dr. Gözde Yazgı Tütüncü. By blending our wishes with those who are within our responsibility, leading our wide vision, she has always provided us to create projects full of motivation and inspiration.

My interest in the software increased exponentially when I graduated and my first job immediately at that year was to establish a joint software company with my friends that the university brought to me. We established our company in Bilimpark in Izmir University of Economics. Establishing our company in a technopark has given us serious advantages as a new company. We tried to grow  our established company for two years. But when the conditions do not result in improvements as we want and we thought we had to gain some sectoral experience so we closed our company and I moved to Istanbul. I'm developing products and software for top 10 software company in Turkey for 2 years. Soon,
when  I have enough sectoral experience, I want to establish a company again with my entrepreneurial identity that I  realize in my university years and  I have a goal to make this company a company that exports millions of dollars every year.

Best regards,






2015 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2015 Graduate

  I have always enjoyed Mathematics lessons throughout my education. Since I wanted to learn more about this field, I wanted to choose the Department of Mathematics throughout my high school life. Thanks to my success in mathematics class, I got a good score in the university exam and I won the Department of Mathematics of Izmir University of Economics with Full Scholarship.

    Since the education language of the department is English, I spent very enjoyable 5 years in the department together with one year preparatory program. At the end of this adventure, I graduated as an Honor Student with a 3.35 GPA. Throughout my education, I took part in the promotion team at Izmir University of Economics Publicity and Corporate Marketing Communication Directorate. I wanted to guide other candidates who want to prefer my department, which I willingly prefer and enjoy studying. I think, I am successful in the field of Communication with the analytical thinking skills that I gained in the Department of Mathematics.

      I decided to continue my education in statics since İzmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics taught statistics differently from other universities. And I am currently a student at IUE Applied Statistics Thesis Master Program.

       I am happy to be a member of the Izmir University of Economics family and thank everyone who has contributed to me.

Cansu ADAŞ

2013 Graduate


Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2013 Graduate

 Mathematics was the course that  I was most interested in and successful in every period of my education and training  life. For this reason, it was inevitable that my preference form consisted of the mathematics departments of universities in 2008.

  But why Izmir University of Economics? Their rich academic staff who have contributed greatly to science with their articles and books that published nationally and internationally, scholarship opportunities, student life in an amazing city like Izmir and   the education tongue is in English besides, their second foreign language education played an important role in my preference of Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics. As a matter of fact, I won with a scholarship and this result was one of the turning points of my life.

My 5-year university life was full, including 1 year of preparation. In the first two years of my undergraduate education, the theoretical knowledge was created with the courses I took. We created a decision support system for the doctors of İzmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital under the consultancy of assoc.prof.dr. Gözde Yazgı Tütüncü, one of the faculty members of our university and with this project, we gained support within the scope of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey 2209 / A-University Student Domestic / International Research Projects Support Program in 2012. In the summer term of 3rd grade, by winning the 2011/2012 Erasmus Internship Mobility Scholarship, I did my 3-month Erasmus internship under the consultancy of assoc.prof.dr. Alejandra Duenas in  Ieseg School of Management in Paris, France, where my advisor is a visiting professor. Throughout my internship, we corrected the shortcomings of the project from which we received support from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, developed it, and applied for an article to be published in an international journal. In the next two years of my undergraduate education, we strengthened the theoretical education we received in the first two years. In the last year, we had the opportunity to work with our academicians with the application of the graduation project. Besides academic education, I took part in Latin Dances, German speaking and King clubs. In the last term of the school, I was awarded a B1 certificate in the exam held by the Goethe Institute.

   Finally, I graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Department of Mathematics as the top student in the 2013 spring term. I received acceptance from all graduate programs that I applied for, but I preferred METU Financial Mathematics Master Program. I would like to thank all my teachers who have contributed to me and my family who have never lost their support. If you want a life full of success and a social life, you can start as part of this family.


Neslihan YALDIZ

2013 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2013 Graduate

My love for mathematics started in high school. Maybe we were a little late to meet and be two good friends, but we never left afterwards. I entered  the student selection examination and it is the time for preference. There was no place in my preference list other than mathematics, I had a good luck and I had a full scholarship from the Izmir University of Economics, where I graduated with pride. How did it go after this? I started my bachelor education process which was full of information and fun. All the professors of the department prepared us for a solid piece of hardware with the knowledge that will broaden our horizons, showing that mathematics is not only about numbers and theorems, but how mathematics is effective in all areas of life. In our department, unlike other mathematics departments in our country, we had the opportunity to train ourselves according to our interests thanks to the courses such as statistics, probability, stochastic processes, computer courses, biomatematics, game theory, graph theory, alongside our basic mathematics courses. I won the Erasmus Internship Mobility during the summer semester of my 2nd grade  and I did my 3-month summer internship at Perugia University in Italy via one of our faculty member  prof. dr.  Ünal Ufuktepe.

  Under the guidance of prof.dr. Osvaldo Gervasi who is a faculty member of the university,  I completed my internship  by training on information technologies such as web security and e-commerce, javascript, php. Again, by attending the course called Corso Estivo Di Matematica at the Interuniversity Mathematics Summer School, I successfully completed the functional analysis and mathematical physics equations courses among the students who completed a master's degree in mathematics. Later, I got information about various subjects in mathematics, thanks to the mathematics academics invited to our school from various universities and very useful seminars where my department teachers were also speakers.

At the same time, I was entitled to various certificates by participating in seminars outside my department. Our university tongue is English and each student is obliged to learn a second foreign language during their education. I also learned German as a second foreign language and in the last period of my undergraduate life, I was entitled to successfully receive the Telc Deutsch B1 certificate, one of the International European Language Certificates, in the examination of the institution. Afterwards, I graduated from my favorite school as an honor student. I am working in a bank now. I would like to thank all my teachers who supported me and have been a part of my education life.

     Mathematics is not only a science that enlightens a person's mind, but also a process that improves human horizons. If you want to improve yourself, you should study mathematics at the Izmir Economy University. Being part of this family really made me very happy. The fact that mathematics is the key to every door and there is a little bit of mathematics in everything shows that it will help me a lot in my business life.



2012 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2012 Graduate

The university preference period is undoubtedly a period in which we make one of the most important decisions of our lives, perhaps a turning point for some of us. I spent the summer of 2007 researching universities. Sometimes it is difficult for people to see the nearest even though I have lived in Izmir for years, it was not my mind to write Izmir University of Economics. Towards the end of the preference period, I had the opportunity to visit the school with some familiar advice and to meet some of our professors. When I came home due to my interest in mathematics during my student life and this department has very wide and different job opportunities, I wrote the mathematics department of Izmir University of Economics on my top list. Despite being a new department, the success of the previous graduates of the school, various scholarship opportunities, and the fact that our school was established in one of the most central, beautiful and livable districts of İzmir were just a few of the reasons I preferred the school. It was also important for me that the school provided dormitory facilities because my family was outside of Izmir. The fact that it is very comfortable and safe compared to many private dormitories has provided me a great advantage in my university life, especially during intensive exam periods. When I moved to the department, I understood how I made the right decision when I took lessons from the teachers who had a very good education in their fields. At the end of the first year, I kept my grade average high, I started the Double Major Program in the Economics department and thus I had the opportunity to train myself in both fields. In the last year, we had the opportunity to prepare ourselves for academic life by doing project studies with our teachers, and at the same time, we made small rehearsals for   the interviews that we will enter after graduation. In addition to the English I received during the preparatory education, I took German lessons as a second foreign language for 4 years, while creating the knowledge for a second language, I also had the opportunity to meet different teachers and a different culture.

  While I graduated with 2 diplomas, 2 foreign languages ​​and first place in the department, Izmir University of Economics, which I spent 5 years in full, also gave me the pride and happiness also at the same time I felt sorrowful to say goodbye to this beautiful school, city and my university years.

 I had the opportunity to start to TOBB University of Economics and Technology as a scholarship student. I won the Postgraduate Scholarship Abroad, I am working here and from school. Thanks to scholarships, I did not have any financial difficulties as a new graduate. I am currently in the second stage of my master's and thesis stage. I owe thanks to my teachers who supported me in every sense and to the İzmir Economy family.



2011 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2011 Graduate

I think that being a student of Izmir University of Economics was one of the most important decisions that I made in my life. In addition to being a student of İzmir University of Economics, Mathematics Department, which has made its name known with its qualified staff and with the help of this mathematics knowledge, being a graduate of the Department of Economics Minor Program made me one step ahead in my business life. The social activities that I attended made this step stronger. It is a word that has been said for years, the Department of Mathematics improves the analytical ability of a man. However, when you become a student of mathematics, you understand the reality of this much better. In my student life at Izmir University of Economics for 5 years, I see myself as someone who has applied the analytical thinking skill to my social that my department has added to me by participating in many social activities as well as academic education. Throughout my student life, Student Dean's Student Assistant, Folk Dance Club Chairman, Festival Team Founder and Captain, Student Council Department Representative, Student Dormitory Representative, Mathematics and Kemalist Thought Clubs Supervisory Board Presidencies, IUE Mathematics Department Publicity Officer, German Folk Dances Community Presidency etc. I had the opportunity to develop myself socially by doing my duties. And I continue to my commitment to my university, which provided me such opportunities, with great pride as a member of the board of IUE Graduates Association. With the knowledge and skills that all these provided me, I had the job I wanted and in a short time.

   I work in the Finance Department of JTI (Japan Tobacco International), an international company, exemplary with its quality and employee value. I have the opportunity to apply the mathematics knowledge, analytical thinking ability, and the logic of tackling difficult problems through logic in my business life. And my brother, who saw all the privileges I mentioned by living with me, also used his preference in the direction of İzmir University of Economics, currently studying at Izmir University of Economics as a student with a scholarship.

     In this sense, I would like to thank my professors, my university administration and the administrative staff of our university for supporting me in every sense, and I invite everyone to be members of this big family.



Seçil URAL

2011 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2011 Graduate

 While filling out my university preference form in 2006, like everyone else, I had many questions about the future. I was about to set the route for my life by determining the most appropriate department and the most correct university for me, and there was a huge uncertainty that lay before me. I can say that a letter that came to my house at that time changed my whole life. This is how I met the Department of Mathematics during the promotional days of Izmir University of Economics. After visiting the campus and talking to my department teachers, I made up my mind - this was my place.

   I had a very productive life both academically and socially. In addition to my own department, I successfully completed the Double Major Program in the Department of Economics and graduated with two diplomas. I also took an active role in many clubs, such as the Mathematics Club and the Community Volunteer Club. Immediately after completing my undergraduate education, I got acceptance from Illinois State University Financial Economics Graduate Program in the USA and at the same time I started to work in the faculty as a research assistant. Since I was awarded a Fulbright Opportunity Grant scholarship, my expenses in the American process were covered.

  I completed my master's degree in economics in the USA without any difficulty. I wanted to go back to my country and gain experience in the sector for a while. Although I got a lot of positive responses from many places that I applied, I started working as a Customer Analytics and Information Analysis Supervisor in Turkey Economy Bank (TEB) in Istanbul.

  I have the privilege of being a graduate of the IUE Mathematics Department in every sense and I feel very lucky to be a member of this family that enables me to realize my dreams.


Abdullah ÖNER

2011 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2011 Graduate

 The most important feature of IUE Mathematics Department is that branches such as mathematical statistics and optimization that are popular and have a wide range of applications are presented to the student by respected and productive scientists. I understood this better when I worked on the mathematical theory of optimization with prof.dr.Murat Adıvar. In addition, few universities in our country give importance to probability theory and stochastic processes, but they are taken care by the world that are the foundation of the curriculum is an important feature that distinguishes itself from many mathematics departments. As a matter of fact, I am currently working on probability theory in Bilkent and I see the serious benefits of the undergraduate curriculum. Therefore, I would like to thank all our teachers and our head of department prof.dr. Ünal Ufuktepe who have a share in the prestige of the department.



2009 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2009 Graduate

I graduated from the Department of Mathematics in 2009. I also made a minor in Computer Science Faculty.
While continuing my academic education, I had the chance to benefit from other opportunities provided by Izmir University of Economics students. I actively worked in the university basketball team for 4 years and in the theater club for 2 years. After completing my education, I was accepted to the Applied Statistics master's degree program at Örebro University in Sweden, with the privilege of the Statistics courses included in the curriculum of the Mathematics department. The fact that the education at Izmir University of Economics is 100% English made a great contribution to my adaptation process to courses from abroad. Apart from that, thanks to German, which I received as a second foreign language, I easily learned Swedish from the same language family.

     I completed my education at Örebro University in 2011 and I am currently working in an international IGS consultancy company in Stockholm. I am in the place I dreamed of. Izmir University of Economics is a great opportunity for people who know what they want. I am very happy to take this opportunity well.

Nimet İlke ÇETİN

2009 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2009 Graduate

When I made my university choices in 2004, it was difficult to choose between well-established state universities and Izmir University of Economics, which was founded 3 years ago, but when I learned about the opportunities provided by our university and met our academics, I decided to place Izmir University of Economics Department of mathematics in the first place in my preference list. I understood better that I made the right choice as I saw the quality of education that I received over the time and our university was ranked higher. While I was studying, I also successfully completed the Computer Engineering Minor Program apart from my own department.

    After graduation, I was accepted to Illinois State University Biomathematics Graduate Program, which our University was associated with, and I completed my master's education in two years. During this time, I worked as a research assistant, so I did not have any financial problems. During my undergraduate education, with the contribution of my education in English and the courses I took, I spent this process abroad without difficulty. Then, I decided to do doctorate to continue my academic studies.  I have been accepted from many places with the advantage of the variety of courses that I took in IUE and my master degree education in abroad and I chose Doğu Akdeniz University which is the most convenient for me.

  Currently, I continue my academic studies and work as a research assistant. I am very happy to have come to this stage in my career with the contribution of the education I received and the social club works I attended at Izmir University of Economics.


2009 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2009 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics gives its students great privileges thanks to many opportunities such as double major and minor programs, English language education, second foreign language education. I also benefited from the opportunities offered by our university and completed the Double Major Program of the Department of Economics together with the Mathematics Department, and received two diplomas at the same time. I also studied German as a second foreign language during my undergraduate education. Like every Izmir University of Economics graduate, throughout our university's undergraduate education I enjoy the advantages of the privileges it gives its students and I understand better that I have made the right university choice.

I am currently working as an expert in the South Aegean Development Agency Planning and Programming Unit. In my business life, I see the tremendous benefits of education that I have received at Izmir University of Economics, which is far from memorization, where researcher thinking prevails, which includes practice along with theory, and that improves the ability to analytical thinking and analyze. For those who want to achieve their career goals, I believe that İzmir University of Economics, which is growing and developing day by day, is the right choice.


2009 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2009 Graduate

Obviously, choosing a department, which is a big problem for every student, has not been a problem for me because I have been interested in mathematics and foreign languages ​​since my primary education and my favorite lesson in every period of my life was mathematics. There was only one problem left; Choosing the “right university”.

In the preference period after the Student Selection Examination in 2005, while I was researching the universities in Izmir with amathematics department, we came to Izmir University of Economics with my family. We had the opportunity to meet with prof. dr. İsmihan Bayramoğlu who is the head of the department as well as the dean of the faculty. He told us the department and school so well that we made our decision before we left the room. Although my score at the student selection examination  was enough to enter the full scholarship mathematics departments in all public universities and other private universities in İzmir, I made my first two choices as Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics with scholarship and Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics. Fortunately, I did it in that way, because I could not be a scholarship student and if I did not make my preference ranking like this, I would be studying at another school and possibly unhappy.

 Thanks to the English education I received in my primary and high school years, I passed the preparation exam and started the first year. Our university provides  very good opportunities such as second foreign language education, scholarship, double major / minor, internship to the students. For example, although I was a student without a scholarship, I was a successful student and I received a scholarship for success in the following years, and even completed my undergraduate education both as high honor student and second in the department.

With the Probability Theory that I took in the second year and Stochastic Processes that I took in the third year, mathematics, which was my favorite subject in my life, was replaced by statistics. In the third and fourth grades,

 I had the opportunity to work with prof.dr. Serkan Eryilmaz in the project courses. Our work went a little further from a bachelor project, our first article (with Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryilmaz) was accepted when I was in the fourth grade and I took my first step into academic life. When I graduated from university in 2009, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Integrated Doctorate Program was opened. I applied without any thought and accepted. In September of the same year, I started working as a research assistant in the Department of Mathematics at Izmir University of Economics.

Also, since then I have been receiving a Domestic PhD Scholarship from the Science and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Since I started doctorate, two more articles have been published with prof.dr. Serkan Eryılmaz. Currently I have completed the course and qualification stages of the doctorate, I am at the thesis stage.

 Izmir University of Economics, Department of Mathematics, which I have been in for 7 years, with its strong academic staff and rich course contents, it always aims to raise qualified students.
I can say that; The choice I made in 2005 was the “right choice” in my life.



2007 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2007 Graduate

The days that add a lot to me and I happily remember are the days in the IUE Mathematics Department. After I got my bachelor's degree (2007), I lost my motivation and interest in academic studies after my master's degree which I started with great love at Sabancı University. Although I could not write a success story on behalf of Mathematics, Mathematics wrote the success story in my life. During the school promotion days, I saw the realities of the sentences which memorized that started with "Analytical thinking" to students who asked me about the department of mathematics, by living in life.

 I personally experienced how easily each door opens in different business areas: I worked as a revenue manager at Sunexpress Airline for 2.5 years. Then I found myself in IT department Project management. Then I found myself in IT department of Project management. If you have a student who asks about what does a mathematics graduate do; they can do what are industrial engineer, business engineer, system engineer, economist, business manager, financier, software developer are doing, but with one difference; they can do whatever they want, they can switch to another whenever they want ...

 Thinking, questioning and quick comprehension, learning ability which we gained from mathematics  helps in every aspect of our working life.

Faikcan KOĞ

2006 Graduate

Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 2006 Graduate

As a teenager who grew up in Izmir, I added Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics 10 minutes before handing over to the officer a form filled with preferences consisting of Istanbul and Ankara.
I was not aware that I had to scroll through the entire list and placed one of the best decisions of my life when I placed this preference on the top.

    After my undergraduate education at Izmir University of Economics, I completed the Project Management Master's program at Istanbul Technical University Institute of Informatics in 2007 and in the same year, I started the doctorate program in Faculty of Architecture Building Sciences of Istanbul Technical University. In 2008, I started working as a researcher at the Institute of Building Informatics at Dresden Technical University. At the same time, I was elected as the President of the Association of Turkish Scholars and Students of Dresden. Undoubtedly, İzmir University of Economics has a great share in making good use of these opportunities and creating good human relations.

As a result of many social activities such as assisting the Vice President and Department Representative at Izmir University of Economics Student Council, working for the establishment and development of many student clubs, and being among the founders of the National Youth Council in Ankara as the representative of all universities in Izmir. I believe I have come today.


   So that; Participating in Senate meetings and expressing opinions on behalf of students, it was very important to be able to present student projects and ideas at the Board of Overseers meetings. As a result of such studies that encouraged me and opened up my horizons, I am participating in joint projects with the Turkish Republic Consulate General of Berlin, the Sachsen State Senate and the Dresden Metropolitan Council.

    Although I was the first graduate of my department, I had the chance to improve myself in different fields. It is of course a difficult event to fit a big success story in a short period of 5 years, but in a time like 1-2 years, created from nothing under difficult conditions, nevertheless, if you are a graduate of a university that offers you every opportunity, your success will be great and the rest will already be your story.






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