Department of Mathematics

About the Department

Looking at the depths of history, mathematics arising from practical needs is a branch of science that has been transformed into a system of broad fields containing various branches. Like other fields of science, mathematics helps human beings understand nature and reality with their own rules. The high (abstract) abstraction that is inherent in mathematics and forms its basis causes it to be perceived as an area that is difficult to reach for non-specialists. However, despite all the abstraction, contemporary mathematics has so many branches that it is involved in all economic, social and technological developments and control of life processes that can be considered as the product of human intelligence.

With this awareness, Izmir University of Economics Department of Mathematics was founded in 2001 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. İsmihan Bayramoğlu. The mission of the department, which incorporates a dynamic and productive academic staff who can make significant contributions to the theoretical and applied fields of mathematics at the national and international level since its establishment; To provide talented young people who are aiming to be successful in business and scientific research, with an educational environment free from memorization and where researcher thinking is dominant. Our department fulfilled this mission in the top 15 of 111 mathematics departments in our country, with scientific productivity and undergraduate / graduate / doctorate programs.

Contemporary mathematics is developing with a wide range of fields these days. Most of them are indispensable needs of physics and engineering as always. Numbers or geometric figures are just the beginning concepts. Then, concepts, functions, integrals, differentials, n-dimensional and more infinite-dimensional concepts that have higher degrees of abstraction, such as complex numbers, will form the foundations you will easily acquire during your mathematics education.

In our department, the theoretical foundations of mathematics are taught in the first two years of the four-year program. In the last two years of the program, a wide range of courses are given to ensure that students are equipped with general knowledge of mathematics to make research and have a broad vision of mathematics applications. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the department, some of our department graduates are admitted to graduate programs in mathematics, statistics, operations and economics at the best universities abroad and domestically every year. Other students can easily find jobs in the insurance companies, banking sector, computer companies or education sector. It is possible to see the most concrete examples of this in the department's success stories section and our graduates.

İzmir University of Economics, has completed the Bologna process and the European Commission granted every year, and higher education is an important indicator of the quality of education ECTS Label (ECTS label) field was the first private university in Turkey. Therefore, the mathematics department has a program compatible with the curriculum of the well-known universities of the world.

İUE Department of Mathematics provides its students with a solid 4-year undergraduate education, as well as the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Doctorate Program, Applied Statistics Graduate Program and Financial Mathematics Graduate Programs. It also opens courses for all students studying in other departments of the university, in line with their needs. In addition, it offers students who study in various departments of our university the opportunity to make a double major, which allows them to obtain a diploma in mathematics as well as a diploma from their departments. Likewise, our students who study in the Department of Mathematics have the opportunity to make a double major in other departments to obtain a second diploma.

Our department students and faculty members carry out TÜBİTAK and various national and internationally supported production and service oriented projects with their cooperation with various companies and public institutions in İzmir. With these projects, which are completed and started every year, they apply their studies in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics, and share their real-life problems by solving them.

Dear students, you have chosen Izmir University of Economics by taking one of the important decisions in your life and you have been entitled to study in the department of mathematics  of our faculty. We congratulate you for this.

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics.

                                                                          Head of Department of Mathematic                                                                                                                                                                          Prof. Dr. G. Yazgı TÜTÜNCÜ