WDEA 2013 
 WDEA 2013 

6th International Workshop on Differential Equations and Applications



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  1. Suleyman Tek - Using Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation to Obtain Some Classes of Surfaces in R3
  2. Mohamed Metwali - On some quadratic integral equations
  3. Mieczyslaw Cichon - Dynamic Equations in Banach Spaces and Related Problems
  4. Victoria Grushkovskaya - On estimates of solutions of nonlinear equations in critical cases with internal resonances
  5. Vilda Purutcuoglu - Deterministic Inference of Networks by Capturing Their Dynamic Behaviours
  6. Albert Erkip - On some nonlocal nonlinear wave equations
  7. Erdem Emin Özban - Delay Effect For The Single-Species Stochastic Population Models
  8. Ivailo M. Mladenov - New Disentangling Formulas for Rotations
  9. Danail Brezov - Euler Angles In a Rotating Frame and Rigid Body Dynamics
  10. Hande Yücel - Stability of an Option Pricing Model
  11. Maciej Blaszak - Quantum Trajectories
  12. Mansur I. Ismailov - Uniqueness criterion in an inverse scattering problem for the nonstationary Dirac equation on the half-plane
  13. Şeyma KAYAN - Effect of Delay on the Lengyel-Epstein Reaction-Diffusion Model
  14. Zabit İslamov - Bounds on the expected value of maximum loss of fractional brownian motion
  15. Abdullah Özbekler - Wong's type oscillation theorem for second-order delay differential equations
  16. Halis Can Koyuncuoğlu - Floquet theory based on new periodicity concept on time scales
  17. NEGGAL BILLEL - Convergence of the Sinc Collocation Method Applied to Fredholm Integral Equation
  18. Hacer Bozdağ - An asymptotic model for the Stoneley wave
  19. Bianca Satco - About solutions of measure differential equations
  20. Saadet Erbay - Existence of Solitary Waves for Some Boussinesq-Type Equations
  21. Rajeh Eid - Higher Order Finite Element Solution of the One-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation
  22. Ugur Yuksel - Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Associated Differential Operators in Quaternionic Analysis and Applications to Initial Value Problems
  23. Alp EDEN - Exponential Attractors twenty years later: a survey
  24. Onur Şahin - An asymptotic model for a 3D moving load problem for uncoated and coated elastic half-spaces
  25. Burcu Silindir Yantır - Some aspects of q-discretization
  26. Hilmi ERGÖREN - Existence Results For Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations with Lidstone Boundary Conditions
  27. Aslı Pekcan - Traveling Wave Solutions of Degenerate Coupled KdV Equation
  28. Piddubna Ganna - Controllability Criterion for Linear Delayed Differential Equation
  29. Kostyantyn Zheltukhin - On construction of recursion operator
  30. Tadeusz Kosztołowicz - Partial differential diffusion equations with fractional time derivatives versus nonlinear equations with derivatives of a natural order both used in modelling subdiffusion processes. When are the solutions to these equations similar?
  31. Yeter Şahiner - On oscillation of first order dynamic equations
  32. Metin Gürses - Integrable Hierarchy of Degenerate Coupled KdV Equations
  33. Nurcan Gücüyenen - Convergence of split-step Fourier collocation method for Benjamin-Bona-Mahony type equations
  34. Varga K. Kalantarov - Determining modes and nodes for solutions of strongly damped wave equations
  35. A. Okay Çelebi - Schwarz boundary value problem for bi-analytic functions in a multiply connected domain
  36. Süleyman Üstünel - Calculus of variations and entropy on the Wiener space
  37. Oktay K. Pashaev - Two Circle Theorem, q-Periodic Functions and Entangled Qubit States
  38. Ayse Humeyra Bilge - A Mathematical Description of the Critical Point in Phase Transitions
  39. Ahmet Yantır - Partial Differential Inclusions

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