PODE 2014

The 2014 Progress on Difference Equations will take place in the İzmir University of Economics in İzmir, Turkey from May 21 to May 24, 2014.

This meeting continues in the line of other PODE workshops, the first two held in Laufen (Germany) PODE 2007, PODE 2008, followed by the workshops in Bedlewo (Poland) PODE 2009, Xanthi (Greece) PODE 2010, Dublin (Ireland) PODE 2011, Richmond (Virginia, USA) PODE 2012 and Bialystok (Poland) PODE 2013. The workshop aim is to provide a forum for researchers in the area of difference equations (ordinary and partial), discrete dynamical systems, and their applications, to discuss and exchange their latest works. There will be organized a special session dedicated to fractional difference equations.